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Sell Products, Services, & More To Make Money From NCAA NIL Ruling


While a lot of attention has been placed on the big endorsement and sponsorship deals some college athletes are signing, because of the new NCAA NIL Ruling, the opportunities to monetize on the ruling are actually much bigger in scope. 

NCAA college athletes have a built-in loyal fan base that is tightly connected to the University: including fellow students, alumni, the local community, and general sports fans. These fans are heavily invested in their teams and have a strong desire to be connected to their favorite players.  Because of this athlete brand value, there are opportunities to utilize the platform to do more than just promote or represent a third-party brand. 

ATTENTION: You don’t have to sit around and wait for a company or business to offer you an endorsement or sponsorship deal. YOU CAN TAKE ACTION, TAKE CONTROL 

10 Ways College Athletes Can Take Control And Monetize From Their Brand, without third party sponsorships and endorsements

  • Design And Sell Clothing/Gear
  • Develop and Sell Products/Merchandise
  • Provide A Service (basketball lessons, etc). 
  • Create Income via Advertising Views On Platforms Like YouTube. 
  • Stream From Platforms Like Twitch
  • Developing An Online Course To Teach A Skill Or Lesson
  • Write And Publish A Book 
  • Speaking Opportunities At Events
  • Starting And Running A Business 
  • Creating A Non Profit 

So by applying the same work ethic and determination that got you to where you are now as a college athlete, you can take advantage of the new NCAA NIL Ruling and monetize your athletic brand without the need for someone else to offer you a deal.   

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With SCI’s athlete branding expertise, we will work side by side with you to develop and grow your brand to maximize fan awareness and loyalty, create a perceived value based on your performance on the court/field and your persona of the court/field; and create strong, favorable, unique partnerships. 

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