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Mentor Dida - Wellbeing Coach


What Mentor is known best known for is helping individuals and groups to find the power inside of themselves to create change as well as build and mobilize communities towards a larger vision for the good of all. His life’s mission is to ensure that wellbeing is prioritized in society so we can have a world filled with compassionate leaders and empathic solutions. 

He has many well known clientele and been features, such as T-Mobile, Stanford University, ABC News, CBS, and Facebook. Mentor needed a website that functioned as a powerful marketing and communications tool to attract potential clients and schedule meetings with him. Mentor approached SCI Creations to design and develop a new website. 



We helped Mentor Dida reach their objective of building a website and branding that describes him and gets his message across. The website previously was difficult to use, and they needed more capabilities and features to be able to accommodate interacting with their customers. To be able to accomplish this, we redesigned the entire website in WordPress with the latest features and plugins available. The website came complete with all of the visuals we had already produced for consumers to have an enjoyable, simple experience.



We were able to closely collaborate with Mentor to pinpoint exactly what they were looking for, and were highly successful in building a website that met and surpassed their expectations. 

The results can be viewed here:


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