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Rocket Fuel University

/ 01 Context

We have worked with Mark C. Winters, a well respected entrepreneur, thought leader and co-author of Rocket Fuel, for over 3 years and we have experienced many “wins” together.

After a successful redesign of his website for 2020, our marketing plans were put to the test due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. With online learning becoming increasingly important due to this event, we wanted to ensure that Mark and his Rocket Fuel brand were in the right position to provide value.

Although Mark has built a strong company and career through connecting individuals with their unique leadership roles, he wanted to provide a community for these individuals to collaborate and learn online.

With their newly realized role clarity, they can continue to learn Rocket Fuel’s deepest principles and insights, even during this era of social distancing.

Our solution was born: Rocket Fuel University, an online community where Integrators and Visionaries can come together to master their skill sets and help transform their company’s Visions into reality.



/02 Product Build

LMS: We built a multi-faceted Learning Module System (LMS) that would allow users to have access to lesson modules, private discussion forums, and live Q&A calls.
University model: Similar to the University model, users have to progress through the various areas of the platform. Completion of assessments & courses trigger access to new areas of the platform.

Live Q&As: The live calls are a major part of the product’s value. We connected Zoom Live Meetings with the LMS to facilitate pre-submitted questions, registration, and access to the recordings.


/03 Marketing

Website Build: In addition to the LMS platform of the course, we build a dedicated WordPress site for the program. Landing pages, checkouts, order confirmation pages, etc. were all included.
Email marketing: phased 4-week launch plan, with custom messaging for various segmented audience lists, as well as abandoned cart sequences. We converted 130+ monthly subscription members within the first 3 weeks of launching the new product.

Social media advertising: Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) focused approach of remarketing to warm custom audience sets, returning 300%+ Return on Ad Spend (RoAS).


/04 Integrations

SaaS Connections: The Rocket Fuel University product consists of many different SaaS (Software as a Service) programs. We utilized Zapier, custom webhooks, and custom plugins in order to confidently pass the data between all of the platforms.

Examples included: WordPress, Kajabi, Ontraport, Zoom, Stripe, QuickBooks and more.

Desktop View of Landing Page & Video Academy


Mobile View of Landing Page


/05 Challenges

We recommended the development of a completely new website, built from the ground up, with a custom design to convey the value that Mark provides to his community.

The challenge was great. Mark’s previous website was created entirely with Clickfunnels. Creating a new site on WordPress and then carefully migrating the new pages was a tedious and laborious process.

/06 Results

We were highly successful in launching the website and accomplishing our client’s goals. We were persistent in our communication in order to make sure we fulfilled on all expectations to deliver a well-received finished product.

Mark now has a state-of-the-art professionally designed website that enables him to showcase his value, and also better track the success rate of each page and funnel.

Rocket Fuel University has been a tremendous success: hundreds of Visionaries, Integrators and business leaders now have an integrated peer group platform where they can continue to ascend.

We are happy to have played a role in helping Mark execute his vision of helping entrepreneurs achieve their unique exponential freedom.

The results can be viewed here:

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