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Cannabis Marketing That Drives Results: By combining our direct response marketing experience, CRM implementation knowledge, and cannabis regulation expertise, Open Flow provides cannabis businesses a one-stop-shop to maximize revenue and retention of customers.

CRM & Cannabis Software Integration: We combine HubSpot CRM with Seed-to-sale Cannabis softwares (LeafLogix, Treez, and Dutchie) to provide a true single source of truth. Merging the data into a unified database on Hubspot gives you the tools needed to acquire and retain customers, measure key business metrics, and scale sales.

Revenue Operations (RevOps) to unite departments: Open Flow helps companies manage the critical junction between marketing, sales, and services with RevOps. Our unique combination of expertise integrates these three areas into a single source of revenue for our clients, greatly improving their cash flow and client experience.



  • HubSpot
  • Klaviyo
  • WordPress
  • AWS

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