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UNDOO® - THC Overconsumption


UNDOO® is a unique brand in the cannabis industry. Their patented product is designed to quickly clear your head of any discomfort associated with THC overconsumption. Whether you’re a new patient trying cannabis for the first time or a seasoned veteran whose edible or concentrates were a little too strong, UNDOO Softgels are here for you.

We were thrilled to work with UNDOO because of their cutting-edge product in an industry that has grown immensely over the recent years. They came to us with the need for a modern-looking website that reflects their innovative product, along with a variety of other services. We are still working closely with UNDOO today and are very excited to continue working with them to build a strong digital presence for their brand.

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As many agencies may have already experienced, it can be very difficult to get paid advertisements approved on main advertising networks due to tight restrictions on consumables, especially if they have ties to the cannabis industry.  Due to this, we make sure to refer to representatives from these platforms to identify what they can do to be approved, which has taught us a great deal about both the cannabis industry and advertising consumables.



UNDOO was very excited to launch their new website and begin developing their digital infrastructure. After completing their website, setting them up with a CRM system, and general sales automations, we immediately began building an Affiliate Portal for them so they could promote their product online without the uncertainty that comes with using an advertising platform. So far, there has been nothing but positive feedback from their influencers and we are very excited to continue working with them moving forward.

The results can be viewed here:

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